Monday, June 11, 2018

The Anglican, ENGLAND

Cathedral Church of Christ (informally, The Anglican). An enormous specimen of Gothic revival architecture, and the second largest Anglican Cathedral in Europe, its tower stands more than 300ft high (a football field standing upright) and holds the heaviest peal of bells in the country (13 bells weighing a total of 16.5 tons—the same as six Clydesdales).

The imposing, stark structure of the Anglican’s exterior continues inside. The cathedral is cavernous with vast open space, colossal arches, and little adornment. From the high ceilings to the wide open spaces, the cathedral amplifies every breath, whisper, and clicking of shoes.

Bath Abbey, Bath ENGLAND

Built on the site of a Saxon church where the very first king of England (King Edgar) was crowned, this great medieval church was constructed more than 500 years ago. Its nickname is the “Lantern of the West,” thanks to its stained glass

The interior contains a fine fan vaulted ceiling, and 52 windows cover 80% of the wall space, creating a light and airy feeling.

The stunning ceiling.

The baptismal font and one of the exquisite lighting fixtures.